We are all students in a school of love, and we are learning day by day how to be in true communion with God and true community with others. Our education and formation programming is integral to the process of transforming hearts and minds.  Offered for all ages from nursery through adult, these programs cover a wide variety of subjects and formats.


In this COVID era, our ministry with children includes a special "Home Church First Pew" time with the Pastor in worship and a weekly 10 minute Children's Devotional Video with a centering activity, a story, and a spiritual practice to continue throughout the week. (Click on the blue text "Children", above, to access these videos).


Programs for youth, covering ages from middle school through high school, provide a variety of opportunities for service, study, spiritual formation and recreation. Throughout the year many events, including bible study, local and regional service activities, retreats, and river recreation, combine to provide a program of fun, fellowship, and stewardship. One of our greatest concerns is preparing our young people for a life filled with love, justice, acceptance, and understanding.


At SPC, we are lifelong learners who have a sense of holy curiosity and a “beginner's mind.” We like to learn and grow, mindful that spirituality and social justice are not separate, but united as one.