Upcoming Events

Thursday • September 14 • 10:00 a.m. • Fellowship Hall
This fall the Presbyterian Women will be guided in our discussions by the book Fierce: Women of the Bible and their Stories of Violence, Mercy, Bravery, Widsom, Sex and Salvation. Not your little ol’ church ladies usual Bible study! Books are $10. and can be purchased in the office. Note: The Women’s Circle usually meets the first Thursday of the month. All women of the church are welcome.
Sunday • September 17 • 9:30 a.m. • Fellowship Hall

Simon Ntumba Tshitenge, an elder in the Congo Presbyterian Church and Director of the Protestant Printing Press in the city of Kananga, will speak on peace and reconciliation efforts in the Congo church where he has been a key figure in recent negotiations. He is also on the Board of Directors for the parent organization of the Women’s Health Center that SPC raised over $1,400 for last Christmas.  While issues causing rifts in the Congo Church are different from those that have divided the PC(USA), Mr Ntumba’s experiences and techniques for peacemaking should be interesting and instructive for us all. 
Begins Sunday • September 24 • 9:25 a.m. • Fellowship Hall

Topic of conversation is Marcus Borg’s Speaking Christian: Why Christian words have lost their meaning and power—and how they can be restored. Borg argues that the very language Christians use has become dangerously distilled, distorted, and disconnected from the beliefs which once underpinned it. He calls for a radical change to the language we use to invoke our beliefs—the only remedy that will allow the Church’s words to once again ring with truth, power, and hope. Books are in the office: $14 (or pay what you can).

Sunday • September 24 • 4:30 p.m. • Choir Room

Everyone is welcome, no need to read music or be an extraordinary singer. We just sing our hearts out for one hour and have fun.

Sunday • October 1 • 7:00 p.m. • Sanctuary

A community gathering in the spirit of St. Francis. Celebrating peace, justice and hope in songs and stories.