About Us

We are an inclusive spiritual community, and welcome all who long for meaning, hope, and belonging. Our faith and practice are rooted in the Way of Jesus and are enriched by wisdom from all sources. We are committed to being and becoming a people of radical compassion, working for justice and wholeness in ourselves and in the world.

The "core commitments" that guide us, and the underlying beliefs that support them are:

Radical Hospitality: We Choose Welcome
- Everyone and everything, and every part of ourselves, is included in the circle of God’s love.
- Imperfections and suffering are integral to the spiritual path.

Holistic Spirituality: Everything Belongs
- The Way of Jesus is a path of transformation.
- Doubt and questions are essential to faith.
- We are connected in Love with all, including those who have gone before us, and all those yet to come.
- We value all sources of Wisdom.

Engaged Compassion: God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God
- The Way of Jesus is a way of being in this world, loving, serving and making things whole.
- Loving God means loving all of creation.