Upcoming Events

FACEBOOK LIVE ONLINE WORSHIP, 11am Sundays. Access the service at https://www.facebook.com/groups/spcworks and wait for the “live stream” box to appear. For information and worship materials, see Meeting House Live! All are welcome to attend. A Facebook account is not required to access this service of worship.
A GATHERING SPACE FOR PRAYER. SECOND AND FOURTH FRIDAY’S OF EACH MONTH AT 12:00 P.M., via Zoom. We are a community of prayer, centering on the Love and Grace of God. Please be welcomed to this time of offering our prayers for ourselves and others, the community, country and the world. “Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am with you” is our reminder and guide to share this time together. Bring any of your own joys and concerns, but this is not required. Come as you are—fully human and deeply loved. See the weekly e-notice for the Zoom link or contact the office.
 SUNDAY SEMINAR STARTING BACK JANUARY 30 at 9:30 via Zoom. Are you looking for a way to reconnect? Are you needing a shot of hope, or a spark of new energy? Join us at our Adult Education Sunday Seminars beginning January 30 at 9:30 via Zoom to share - or just listen to others share - what is on our hearts and minds in the new year. We will be reading Joan Chittister's book The Time is Now - A Call to Uncommon Courage. The book is available at Four Seasons book store for $20 (mention SPC). Joan is a beloved social activist and Benedictine Sister, and she reaches deep into our souls with this question: How do we really get out of the swamp we're in? Friends, reading the book is recommended but not required. Come for the fellowship and the learning; reconnect with others as we wrestle together with the most serious questions facing us now. To learn more about Joan Chittister, check out this excerpt from her interview with Oprah
INCLEMENT WEATHER REMINDER. No one should risk life, limb or property to get to the church. Sunday morning services (8:30 and/or 11:00 a.m.) and other events may be cancelled if the pastor and other worship leaders cannot make it in safely. However, those who can get in safely are welcome to organize a service on their own using the order of service for the day, or something else. Bulletins may be found in the Narthex. Check the web site or office phone (304-876-6466) after 7:30 p.m. on Saturday for Sunday cancellation notices. In general, when Jefferson County Schools are closed due to severe weather conditions, the SPC office will be closed and scheduled meetings will be cancelled unless other arrangements are made.