Their Shared Vision

The Community of Peace in Louisa, Virginia (CPL) near Charlottesville, will be an ecumenical, contemplative, residential Christ-centered community that, like the Taize Community in France, follows a daily rhythm of sung prayer, welcome, dialogue, and service. They are an expression of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Beloved Community” reflecting the many cultures and peoples of the United States and the rich spiritualities of the world including Indigenous, African, and Celtic.

Their mission is to offer each day a beautiful sung prayer for peace, to provide a warm welcome to visitors regardless of their financial means, to engage in dialogue for peace with those of different religious and political views, and to enter into solidarity and service with the most vulnerable in society. They are committed to the ongoing work of anti-racism, racial reconciliation, economic equality, gender justice, and the empowerment of women and the LGBTQIA+ Community. They seek the renewal and unity of Christian churches, interfaith dialogue, environmental repair, the healing of the Earth, and climate justice.

In June, 2021, they will move to Louisa to renovate a retreat center on 270-acres of wooded land and open their doors to visitors to share life together.
From different spiritual backgrounds, denominations, and traditions, they are passionately committed to peace, social justice, personal and global transformation. They prayerfully seek the guidance of the Spirit who leads us into compassion, reconciliation, holiness, and hilarity.

CPL will consist of a diverse body of people with various gifts and callings, and with different forms of commitment. The community will include life-time vowed traditional monastics, married couples, single adults, and families with children. Some will live in residence, others will live nearby, while still others may live at a distance and contribute as they are able.

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SPC Involvement

The SPC Mission Committee has allocated $1,100 to CPL from the 2021 budget. You may contact the church office ( for more information.